This is a list of trip reports for various hikes and excursions that I’ve been on. Most of my hikes are in the Sierra Nevada, so they are loosely organized by increasing geographic region, and then by date. I’ve also rated each trip based on my experiences and whether I’d do them again.

As a general disclaimer, personal tastes and rapidly-changing conditions means that much of what is written here is highly subjective and possibly inaccurate, so you are encouraged to do your own research and know your own abilities. That being said, I hope the information here helps you or inspires you to make your own trips of a lifetime!

Rating System

★★★★★: One of the best trips of a lifetime.
★★★★: Trip is worth doing, even multiple times.
★★★: Trip is worth doing and going out of your way to do it.
★★: Trip is worth doing, but don’t go out of your way to do it.
★: Trip is not worth doing.

Sierra Nevada

Name Date Rating Distance Elevation Gallery
Mount Tallac

July 23, 2017



+3,621ft -3,633ft

cover album
Glacier Point to Illilouette Creek

May 29, 2016



+2,773ft -2,757ft

cover album
Glacier Point Winter Camping

March 19, 2016



+1,600ft -1,600ft

cover album


Name Date Rating Distance Elevation Gallery
Bow Glacier Falls, Canada

July 6, 2017



+568ft -568ft

Bow Lake   Bow Glacier Falls II thumb
Plain of Six Glaciers, Canada

July 3, 2017



+3,675ft -3,675ft

Lake Louise   Mountain Flowers thumb
Laugavegurinn and Fimmvörðuháls, Iceland

July 7, 2016



+9,867ft -11,829ft

cover album